John Hughes with past RT students

Continuing the University’s longstanding history of national acclaim, Millersville University has maintained full accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) for its bachelor’s degree program in respiratory care.

This summer at the American Association for Respiratory Care, the program will receive the Distinguished RRT (Registered Respiratory Therapy) Credentialing Success Award.  According to CoARC, “this award is presented as part of the CoARC’s continued efforts to value the RRT credential as a standard of professional achievement. From a program effectiveness perspective, the CoARC views the RRT credential as a measure of a program’s success in inspiring its graduates to achieve their highest educational and professional aspirations.”

Millersville’s respiratory therapy program was first accredited in 1965, providing an in-depth education and training to students for over 50 years. Although many schools offer associates degrees, Millersville is one of only five colleges in Pennsylvania to offer a bachelor’s degree in respiratory care in any capacity and the only one in the country whose graduates are also awarded a bachelor’s degree in biology.

While CoARC requires that most universities apply for reaccreditation every five years, the period can be extended for exceptional programs. It has been 10 years since CoARC last required Millersville to reapply, a statement to the quality of the program being provided to students.

“We’ve maintained a top-notch, highly respected program for 51 years,” said John Hughes, former director of the respiratory therapy program at Millersville.

Millersville has the distinction of boasting a 100 percent job placement rate among its graduates, 96 percent of whom have gone on to get their RRT credentials in a three-year window following graduation, according to Hughes.

Hughes, who retired at the end of the spring semester, has been involved with the respiratory therapy program for 42 years, spending the last 27 as the program’s director.

“We haven’t had anyone who has sought employment after graduation not get a job,” said Hughes. “The University’s successes speak for themselves.”

Millersville has a long-term partnership with Lancaster Regional Medical Center for its respiratory therapy program.  The program is housed at Lancaster Regional and receives support from the hospital.


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