This edition of Who Makes Millersville Special features Audrey Herr, University Store manager.


Audrey Herr


Q:  Where are you from originally?

A:  I am originally from Reamstown, Pa., in northern Lancaster County. I graduated from Cocalico High School. When I married I moved to the southern end of Lancaster County and currently live in Pequea.

Q:  Can you tell us about your family?

A:  In May, I was married to my husband John for 33 years. We have two daughters, Julie and Kelly. Julie has graduated from Millersville and Kelly is a sophomore here at Millersville. We also have a black lab Molly. She is part of the family too.

Q:  How long have you worked at Student Services, Inc.?

A:  I have worked at Student Services since 2003. I began part time in the banking center, and I moved to the University Store when a full time position opened in 2005. Shortly after joining the University Store staff, I was offered and accepted a position as the tradebook buyer. In 2009 the store manager position was open, so I applied.

Q:  What are some of your daily duties here at the University Store?

A:  Daily tasks include managing student staff, processing payroll, maintaining several departments with inventory, processing invoices for store business, as well as insignia gifts, beauty aids and tradebooks. We also have to maintain our online store website and process orders that are received each day. When time allows, I enjoy working on displays and rearranging merchandise in the store.

Q:  What do you enjoy about working at the University Store the most?

A:  I enjoy the customer service aspect of helping customers. Interacting with students and staff is very rewarding. Working with students to find the item they are looking for or assisting staff to make a gift purchase is very enjoyable. I also am a buyer for the insignia gift items. This aspect of my job is fun too, as you help to select and create an item that ends up on our store shelves. It is rewarding when an item is popular, and we sell out of that item.

Q:  What did you do before you began working at SSI?

A:  Before working at SSI, the majority of my work history (23 years) was spent working as a medical claims adjustor for Erin Group Administrators.

Q:  What do you enjoy about the campus the most?

A:  I am fortunate to have a large window that looks toward the library and bell tower. I am able to watch the changing of the seasons on this beautiful campus every day. I find the architecture in the older buildings very interesting and beautiful.

Q:  What is something you absolutely need to get through your day?

A:  A cup of coffee and hugs from my husband and daughters.

Q:  What are your interests outside of work?

A:  I am active in my church. Singing in the church choir, and I am also church secretary and lay leader. My hobbies include music, performing or listening to music. I get teased for breaking out in song for any situation. I also love to sew. Crafts and needlework such as crewel embroidery and cross stitch, are my main interests.

Q:  Do you have a favorite quote?

 A:  “If you act enthusiastic, you will be enthusiastic,” by Dale Carnegie. I attended a Dale Carnegie course, and this was one of the many confidence builders that I learned from that course.

Q:  What is your greatest accomplishment?

A:  I am fortunate that my husband and I have raised two wonderful adult daughters. My husband is a carpenter, and we have built two homes during our marriage. I have assisted with the construction of both buildings.

Q:  What is one person who has been an inspiration to your life and why? 

A:  “Praise to the women on my journey.” This is a phrase that pays tribute to all of the women in my life, from my mother, sisters, grandmother, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts, old friends, new friends—the ladies I meet on campus, the ladies from MUBA and young ladies that are students. I am thankful for those who show me how to live and not to live, show me support, love and friendship throughout my life.








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  1. Jim Robertson

    Audrey , great story and background on your progression at SSI . Please tell John I said hi and retirement is GREAT .

  2. Rebecca Jenkins

    Great Article, Audrey. I miss working with you.

  3. Way to go Audrey! I had the pleasure of working for her at the University store as an undergrad. It was such a fun team to work for under Audrey’s leadership.

  4. Melanie DeSantis


    Great article, what a wonderful story you shared with us. So glad you are part of our LeadershipMU Class this year.


  5. Teresa Wise Brookover

    I am so proud of you, Audrey, and proud to call you my friend! I can see that you have had a wonderful impact on the people at MU, just like you have impacted my life, too!!!

  6. Audrey, thank you for being enthusiastic about your work here at MU, especially when you help customers at the University Store !!! Buying insignia gift items sounds like fun too!!! It was great to read this interview and learn more about you through your responses to the questions asked. I’ll stop by the University Store soon to say “hi” to you and see what’s new there! Thanks for being an inspiration to me.
    -Sally Levit

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