Use augmented reality to see the video layered over this image (see instructions below)

This past fall, Millersville University students produced a 2014 calendar as part of a graphic communication class project. However, this isn’t your ordinary calendar. The class project incorporated augmented reality technology to create an interactive calendar. Augmented reality makes printed materials like labels, or pictures in magazines, come to life.

“The graphic communication technology behind augmented reality enables normal print media to link with supplemental information using wireless systems,” said Dr. Mark Snyder, associate professor in applied engineering and technology. “The technology relies on digital image recognition applications and the ability to rapidly link to creative resources such as websites, databases or videos.”

The calendar can become interactive by downloading a free app that enables smart devices to recognize the images and make them come to life. To make this work, the students captured “poster” images of activities typically seen in the Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology building, Osburn Hall. Then, each picture is linked, through augmented reality, to a video of the students introducing themselves and the extent of their involvement in the project. The cover of the calendar also links to the Department of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology website.

“It is an excellent hands-on learning experience that relates well to how a product is completed in the printing industry,” said Snyder. “It also introduces graphic communication students to a contemporary printing technology. Students who are familiar with interactive print, using this new technology, will have a leg up on others seeking positions in the printing, publishing and packaging industries following graduation.”

Anyone interested in obtaining a 2014 augmented reality calendar can contact Snyder at

 To demonstrate how the calendar works, follow the instructions to download the free app and point your smart device to the image below to enable the interactive video.  


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