Lyle Hall before and after the makeover

As part of a larger effort to “freshen” up the Welcome Center in Lyle Hall for prospective students and their parents, the University has been working on the exterior of the building with additional plans in place for the interior this semester.

“First impressions matter,” said Brian Hazlett, vice president of enrollment management at Millersville. “We want to make sure that we offer a pleasing atmosphere for anyone visiting campus. We have a beautiful campus, and we wanted to make sure that a prospective student’s first stop in Lyle matched the rest of their campus visit.”

Over winter break, the large exterior graphics were added to the windows at the front of the building. The graphics are actually a perforated window film, which has a pattern of small holes, allowing graphics to be highly visible from the outside, while appearing invisible when viewed from the inside.

Signage has been created for the building, a bike rack was added and power washing has been done.

Coming up this spring, there will be new landscaping, and the plan is to replace a large portion of the interior artwork and messaging. In addition, the elevator and stairwell are scheduled to get a fresh coat of paint.

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  1. Personally, I think it’s tacky and ugly.

  2. Susan DiBartolomeis

    The potted plants on the walkway entrance were beautiful this summer, but I missed terribly the gorgeous irises that seemed to bloom twice during the year: in the Spring and in the Fall! You can see them blooming to the left of the “before ” picture (in the garden against the building). What happened to them? They were lovely and smelled wonderful.

  3. I was at MU while this was being built. Tuition went up 25% (due to budget cuts) yet they had money to build this. Higher education should be about higher education and not aesthetics. Millersville seems to be slowing converting to a for profit university.

  4. I personally do not like it. Just my opinion. I understand we are trying to bring color and make the campus more student friendly so to speak. However, I like looking up and seeing the beautiful windows without any obstructions. I enjoy walking up the stairs and looking out through the windows and seeing the beautiful campus. I don’t like seeing this giant pictures converting windows everywhere. I’m sure many love it, but I do not. To me it seems more “childish” for lack of a better word and I prefer my campus to look more professional and upscale.

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