Dr. Becky Mowrey, left, and Dr. Victor DeSantis converse at a recent all-day planning retreat

At Convocation, Dr. John Anderson announced that the University is in the midst of a self-examination that will produce a new strategic plan to serve as the roadmap for where we want to go as a nationally-recognized, comprehensive public university and how we want to get to that desired place. The Strategic Planning Steering Committee has been charged to develop the plan with an updated mission and a new vision, a delineation and affirmation of our core values, as well as new goals and the strategies to achieve those goals.

“The strategic planning process continues to gain momentum as the steering committee completes its first month of intensive effort,” said Dr. Laurie Hanich, co-chair of the committee. “We are now asking for input from the campus community on our efforts to date, as well as having interested people join our working groups.”

The committee, composed of faculty, students and staff, met three times and held several mini-retreats in September. During these extensive discussions, the members referenced market research and campus responses to the two polls: “What makes Millersville Special?” and “Trends in Higher Education.”  Poll results may be found on the strategic planning website. The steering committee worked on developing initial drafts of the mission and vision statements, which will be vetted by the University community, as well as themes for new goals. You may share your input in several ways—through open forums, online forms and suggestion boxes located around campus. The boxes will be in the following locations:

1        Anchor

2        Cove

3        Grille

4        Library Circulation Desk

5       SMC Galley

6        Starbucks in Library

Or, share your feedback directly with committee members, who will serve as liaisons between the campus community and steering committee. Input from all of these sources and more will be considered and used to create the next versions of these key elements to our new strategic plan.

Open forums will be held in the library:

1        October 7, 2013, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m., Garden Room (Room 117)

2        October 11, 2013, 1 – 2 p.m., Room 106

In the near future, working groups of six to eight members will be developed and charged with refining goals and recommending prioritized strategizes. To join a working group, please choose two to three areas of expertise or interest by completing the form. The planning leadership team will do their best to match goal themes to individual’s expertise and interest.

A draft plan is expected to share with the campus community. It will then be sent to President Anderson and the cabinet to review and prepare for endorsement by the Council of Trustees (COT). Once the final document is endorsed by the COT, the plan will be implemented by cabinet members through action plans.

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