Chemist Ger Lor

He’s an accomplished chemist, a competitive singer, a pianist, guitarist and a workout aficionado.  Ger Lor is also a junior at Millersville University, majoring in chemistry with a concentration in bio-chemistry. He attributes much of his success to his professors at Millersville.

“The professors are great,” said Lor. “They’re very enthusiastic about their teachings.  Dr. Edward Rajaseelan, my professor for inorganic chemistry, is very enthusiastic—I’ve used what I learned from him at work.  And Dr. Steven Bonser in organic chemistry taught me reactions that I now use every single day at work.”

As a chemist, Lor works at NeverWet in Lancaster, which has developed a coating that completely repels water-based materials.  It’s an easy-to-use coating that caught people’s eyes, and Rust- Oleum recently brought the NeverWet product to market.  A video done on the product received two million hits in two weeks: NeverWet Arrives, YouTube

Lor with Dr. Vilas Prabhu, Provost

“It’s very exciting.  It’s a product we worked on for almost a year, and it’s finally out.  We had no idea it would be this big,” said Lor.

Lor’s brother, Boon Chan, graduated in bio-chemistry from Millersville in 2010 and helped convince Ger that Millersville was a good place for him.  “I was interested in any science—chemistry and biology.  My brother said I could get both biology and chemistry with a bio-chem degree at Millersville and do something in the medical field or have a lot of opportunities.”

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