Kirstin Shrom-Rhoads accepting the donation for Campus Cupboard from student Shane McGrady

Students in the new class, “Art of Entrepreneurship,” received an assignment to hone their creative fundraising skills and responded by raising more than $2,000 this spring.  The class of 24 students was divided into three teams and each was asked to identify, research and choose a different local charity. The teams received $7 cash in capital with the task of parlaying the amount to the greatest possible donation to the charity of their choice.

The three non-profit charities identified by the students were:

•           Campus Cupboard, which provides food for MU students needing assistance.

•           Music for Everyone, which provides music for schools and communities.

•           Schreiber Pediatrics, which provides outpatient services to children with disabilities, developmental delays and acquired injuries.

Victor Capecce, communication and theatre, modeled the service learning assignment on popular TV competitions such as “Celebrity Apprentice.” He plans to make the assignment a staple of the ENTR201 class (“Art of Entrepreneurship”) in tandem with the ENTR Practicum Course, using the newly opened Entrepreneurial Leadership Center (ELC) as a resource.

The greatest single amount raised was $1,635 contributed to Campus Cupboard.  Kristen Shrom-Rhoads, campus minister, accepted the cash donation at a ceremony in the class on May 8, which was also attended by Pete Slaugh for whom the Entrepreneurship Program is named.

“The fundraising project was a great success,” said Shane McGrady, a student in the class, “It was all made possible by the generous donations of everyone in the Millersville and Lancaster community. A special thanks to Student Services, Inc., for the large donation towards the cause. We commend the Campus Cupboard and its staff for their endless dedication to this cause and helping the students.”

“We spend a lot of time at college making ourselves better and moving forward toward individual careers. This social fundraising project was truly a chance to learn about other people and feel the deep satisfaction that comes from sharing,” said student Clifford Catania.

All three teams made substantial strides in their marketing and fundraising skills. Activities ranged from direct solicitation through collection boxes to selling crafted goods.   Each team also increased awareness of their chosen charity with their efforts.

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