Dr. Edward Rajaseelan

A professor who brings chemistry into the real world, Dr. Edward Rajaseelan,  was named the 2012-2013 Educator of the Year. The award is given annually to a faculty member to recognize excellent teaching, counseling, mentoring and advising of the undergraduate and graduate students at Millersville University.

“It is a great honor, as I was nominated by one current student with supporting letters from former students. I am also humbled to receive this award as there are many outstanding educators here at Millersville,” said Rajaseelan. “Chemistry is a science of logic, and I try to present the material in a logical manner and show them the applications in their daily lives.”

Rajaseelan joined the chemistry department at Millersville University in 1990 and teaches a variety of introductory and advanced courses in chemistry and inorganic chemistry. He is widely known for his research in the areas of synthetic inorganic and organometallic chemistry.

Rajaseelan’s commitment to student learning is demonstrated by his supervision and collaborative efforts with students on research projects, many resulting in presentations, peer-reviewed publications and post-graduation success. Beyond his outstanding instruction in the classroom and laboratory, he has exemplified extraordinary commitment to Millersville’s vision of empowering students inside and outside the classroom.

“I have consistently observed over the past 20 years that there is a direct correlation between a student’s academic interest and performance,” said Rajaseelan. “My pedagogical ‘philosophy’ if one can even label it as such – is straightforward: Students will want to learn and want to work hard if they are truly interested in the material and its applications in the real world. My primary objective in every single class that I teach is to spark the students’ interest in the material they are learning. This is what propels them to study and succeed in the classroom.”

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  1. Dr. R definitely deserves this award, he is the best professor I have had so far at Millersville University. He is very passionate about what he teaches and it shows. He made a class that I find very hard to understand, understandable and fun. Wish he taught more of the classes I need to graduate!

  2. Danita Wright

    Congratulations to Dr. Rajeseelan. It is well deserved because he is truly on the best professor I have ever worked with. I am glad to get the chance to say thank you again after all these years.
    Class of 2005

  3. I can honestly say that Dr. R is the best professor that I have had thus far. He was able to make a subject that I struggled with previously, interesting and fun. Congratulations Dr. R!

  4. Hilary Powell

    Congratulations Dr. R!

  5. Charmayne Brubaker


  6. Fernando Acuna

    An exceptional professor that is able to teach, educate, and inspire us to be the best that we can be no only as students but also as a human being. Thank you Dr. Rajeseelan.

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