(L-R) Rich Kantner, senior, Allison Casola, senior, Michael Warfel, trustee, Lisa Flemming, alumna, David Loconsole, senior, Gina Masciantonio, junior, Dr. Anderson, Abagail Weaver, senior, Patricia Garner, senior.

Six Millersville University students traveled to the Capitol along with President Dr. John Anderson for Advocacy Day on April 16. Millersville was one of several Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) universities represented.

Students, accompanied by the president, administrators, trustees and alumni, met with more than 70 legislators to express one unified message – support for higher education is essential to the future of the Commonwealth. Students expressed their personal educational experiences and the value of the education they are receiving at their PASSHE university to the legislators.

“I chose to come to Millersville in part for its value,” said Rich Kantner, a senior majoring in economics and philosophy at Millersville University. “I like to compare shopping for education to shopping for any other good or service. I could shop at a Wal-Mart and get the lowest price and likely quality to match, or I can shop at a department store and get top quality goods and services for consumer friendly pricing. That is how I view Millersville and the PASSHE system: a place where I get top quality education for a rate I can afford.”

Kantner was joined by Allison Casola, senior; David Loconsole, senior; Patricia Garner, senior; Abigail Weaver, senior; and Gina Masciantonio, junior. They were accompanied by President Dr. Anderson, Michael Warfel, trustee and Lisa Flemming, alumna.

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