This issue of the Exchange features Lydia Yeager, ticket sales manager for Student Services, Inc.


Lydia Yeager

Q: Describe yourself in three words?

A: Organized.  Loyal.  Friendly.

Q: How did attending Millersville for your undergraduate college career make you want to come back and work for the University?

A: Fun fact! I worked all of the student jobs that I now supervise while I was a student at Millersville. I stayed in touch with my old boss after graduating and about a year later, I took over as Ticket Sales Manager. Working for Student Services, Inc., has been a great professional experience because I get to work with several offices across campus to plan and coordinate events. MU is a special place, and I credit my time here as a student and now as a manager for shaping my life, both personally and professionally.

Q: There are a lot of events that happen at Millersville.You and your student staff seem to work all of them. What are some of your favorite events to manage?

A: I love working athletic events because of the fan atmosphere and the people I work with in the athletic department. Major concert events are always a lot of fun because of the backstage access component and working with the artist’s tour managers. Celebrity speakers always create an extra level of importance and excitement to the event. I’ve been very lucky to have been a part of events such as Hillary Clinton during the 2008 Presidential election, Jesse Jackson, Bill Ayers, Temple Grandin and many others. The Ware Center and Winter Centers do great programming, as well, and it allows us to network with the community on a different level.

Q: When did you graduate from Millersville?

A: May 2004.

Q: What is the most memorable experience you’ve had as a student at Millersville University?

A: The friendships. I was lucky enough to have the same roommate for two and a half of my four years at Millersville. I was in her wedding, and her kids call me “Aunt Lyd” when I visit them.  We stay in touch on a regular basis and try to get together as often as possible.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: I recently became an aunt so when I can, I try to spend as much time with my nephew and family as my schedule permits. I love anything and everything entertainment – movies, television, books and Twitter! I like to know what is going on at all times…I think I get that from my job!

Q: You have managed outdoor and indoor events. What was the worst weather you have had to work in?

A: You name it, we have worked in it! I can remember standing knee-deep in rain while working a football game, and it poured the whole game. Rain games actually end up being pretty fun because there is nowhere to go, so you just make the best of it! We’ve also worked in snow and 19 degree temps, thunder and lightning, and heat. My staff are troopers!

Q: Working the ticket window has to be intriguing and exciting due to all the events you sell tickets for at Millersville. If you could go to one event (as just a spectator), which one would it be?

A: One great perk about my job is that I get to see all of the events, so I don’t miss too many.  The bus trips for students are a great deal! Student organizations plan really fun and cheap trips.  I am always very envious of the New York City bus trip.

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve?

A: Inefficiency. I struggle when people try to make things harder than they need to be.  I think my ticket office student workers would say when people walk up to the ticket window and say, “I want to buy a ticket.” We have to prompt them and ask “for what?” On average we have about 5-8 ticketed events a week (sometimes that many in one weekend) and 100+ events during a semester. We appreciate customers who know what they want to buy, but we are certainly there to answer questions too.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working for Millersville?

A: Working with my student staff. I value the commitment that they make to working evenings and weekends with me, and I cannot do this job without them. They are so loyal! My favorite thing (and also least favorite) is watching them graduate, because I know they are going to leave MU and do great things, and to know that I was a small part of that is so gratifying.

With that said, I also work with some truly wonderful people at SSI and on-campus. It is team effort to put on most of our events.

Q: Where are you from originally?

A: I grew up in Carlisle, Pa., which is about an hour from Millersville.

Q: What do you consider your greatest accomplishment in life so far?

A: My education. My mom says that education is something that no one can take from you, which is a great way to look at it. I completed my master’s degree in 20 months, while working full-time here at MU and commuting to Shippensburg for class once a week. It was a little crazy at times, but I’m proud of myself for getting it done.

Q: What is the most difficult thing about being Ticket Sales Manager?

A: My job has evolved over the last eight years as the University changes and grows, and with that so has the event schedule. This can mean working evenings and weekends to make sure events go smoothly, but every day is different, and that is what I appreciate most about my job.

Q: Who is one person who has been an inspiration in your life and why?

A: Definitely my mom. My family has gone through some challenging times over the last few years, but she stays so positive, resilient and supportive of everyone around her. I try to emulate that as much as possible in my own life.

Q: Besides all of the renovations and construction on campus, how has Millersville changed since you were a student here?

A: There is certainly more to do now than when I went here. The campus itself was the major attraction for me when I visited the first time. It’s a gorgeous campus, and the renovation projects are great to keep the campus moving forward. I think technology has changed so much from when I was a student here. Everyone is so mobile now, myself included. I think MU has done a great job trying to keep the students, staff and alumni all connected and aware of what is happening on campus.

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  1. Rachael Wywadis

    Congratulations, Lydia

    I enjoyed the 4+ years I worked with you in connection with commencement ceremonies. You were always helpful & had ideas on
    improving the ticketing services for MU graduates.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  2. It is wonderful that you have been recognized! You were organized, friendly and loyal from the first day I met you when you worked at the ticket window. It is great to work with you at Student Services, Inc.

  3. Way to go Lydia!! Congratulations!

  4. Lydia…you really do make Millersville special! I appreciate you and all your hard work for Athletics!!

  5. Keith Eshleman

    Millersville University is lucky to have a well rounded dedicated person like you. Lydia-glad you got recognized-you deserve it!

  6. Well-deserved recognition for one of MU’s best and brightest!

  7. Well said Lydia!..As this place grows hope your given the tools and help you need,you already have the Skills locked down!!

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  11. Bonnie Schreder

    Great to see you get recognized Lydia!!! Nice feature!!

  12. Well said Lydia – Brava to you!

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