Construction crew is on-site

Work began this week on the first phase of the residence halls project for the Millersville University campus.  And, the University has announced that two existing residence halls adjacent to campus will come under the University’s purview this summer.

The initial work includes the force main, which is a pressurized main pipe that can carry water and sewage. That will be followed by work on a detention pond, then the parking lot across from Lenhardt and Burrowes.  The actual construction is scheduled to begin on May 20 for the project which will eventually include eight new residence halls.  The estimated 600,000-square-foot, 2,000-bed modernization initiative, located primarily on the University’s South Quad, will eventually replace each of the existing residence halls on campus. The construction project will take place in phases so that the bed count isn’t decreased substantially during the building process, which is scheduled to take approximately five years.

The first two buildings, which are scheduled to be completed by August 2014, will include 185,000 square feet, 709 beds and will be constructed in the existing parking lot at the south end of the South Quad of campus.   In order to prepare for the construction, Hobbs Hall will be demolished immediately following the fall 2013 semester. Students who are assigned to Hobbs Hall during the fall 2013 semester will be reassigned to another residence hall for spring.  Those students who need to be relocated will have priority in selecting a suite in the new/replacement housing facility for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Meanwhile, the University will take over the management of Shenks Hall and Reighard Hall on July 1, 2013.  Shenks and Reighard halls are currently owned and operated by Student Lodging, Inc., (SLI).  SLI will continue to own the buildings and the University will lease them.

“This is a stepping stone to getting our students into suite-style living,” said Dr. Aminta Breaux, vice president of student affairs.  “The project demonstrates Millersville’s strong commitment to providing state-of-the-art housing for our students. We are happy to partner with Student Lodging.”

Aerial view of construction site

The move means that Shenks and Reighard will become part of the residence hall offerings.

“The educational and social programming that we have in our current residence halls will be mirrored in these two buildings,” said Breaux.  “We want to ensure that students living in Reighard and Shenks have similar experiences to our other halls.”

Additional information on all student housing options, including Shenks and Reighard Halls, can be found by contacting the Department of Housing and Residential Programs at 717-872-3162 or

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