Millersville University is encouraging the campus community to start using ‘family friendly’ when advertising an on-campus event, if appropriate.

Millersville's Four Corners Summer Arts Festival is one example of a "family friendly" event.

There are many entertaining activities and events on campus that are appropriate for staff and faculty members, but it is not always made clear if families are welcome. Many have expressed their concerns as to what may constitute a “family friendly” event on campus.

Professional events, such as convocation, staff meetings and professional workshops are appropriate “family friendly” events for everyone to attend; however, Millersville holds numerous events all year long that do not receive family-wide attention.

Millersville University will now encourage the organizers of all campus events to state “Family Friendly Event” on their announcements, flyers and brochures. From now on, faculty and staff who host events are encouraged to let the audience know what the event is about so they are able to find out more information on the performance or activity before buying a ticket.

“When labeling an event for mature audiences I consider content and language, but it is all very subjective,” said Tina Stout, theater production manager at Millersville University.

Not only will this encourage more staff and faculty involvement at events but it would also unify Millersville’s community at all campus events.

Let us help you get the word out about your events: If you are hosting an event on campus or at the Ware Center, please remember to submit your event to the University’s online calendar of events: Online Calendar Event Form. If you are a faculty advisor to a student organization on campus, please encourage your students to do the same.

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