Millersville students become active bystanders.

Students at Millersville University pledged to be an active bystander at the Step Up! Program during the fall 2012 orientation. Step Up! is an educational program created by the University of Arizona that trains students on bystander intervention using five principles: Notice the event; Interpret it as a problem; Assume personal responsibility; Know how to help; and finally “Step Up!”

Jayme Trogus, director of the Elsie S. Shenk Wellness & Women’s Program, attended the Step Up! Program facilitator training in Arizona last May, with Katherine Kealey, assistant director of the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership (CSIL). “It was decided this summer that the Step Up! Program would be included as a part of orientation due to its importance and relevance to many of the everyday decisions students are asked to make,” said Trogus.  “The program is impactful on a broad range of topics from alcohol use, sexual violence, academic misconduct, etc.”

The bystander trainers alongside Trogus and Kealey were Michelle Perez, vice president for student affairs, Lilly Leon, interim director of the CSIL, and graduate assistants in multicultural affairs, Mariela Horna, Jesse Fraser and Matt Kirkley.

“The presentation provided at orientation gave students an understanding of what bystander intervention is, why it’s important and how to be an active bystander through explaining and giving examples of each of the principles of the program,” said Trogus.

The Step Up! Program was also offered this week during the Break the Silence to End the Violence six-week program.

“We hope to continue this program yearly during orientation and to incorporate the messages of Step Up! into more of the educational programs that we offer on campus throughout the year,” said Trogus.

For more information, contact Trogus at or 717-871-2238. To learn more about the Step Up! Program, visit the Step Up! Program website.

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