Colleagues and students,

I am deeply troubled by the inaccuracies in a front page article in today’s Snapper.  I believe the general tone of the article promotes high risk behavior among college students as well as a lack of concern for our neighbors and the general community. It does not convey the values of Millersville University and does a disservice to our student body in general.

The article states that there was an on-campus party where beer was served.  The party was not held on campus and Millersville University Police were not contacted by the organizers before the event.   

I think this is a good time to remind everyone that students are not permitted to possess or drink alcoholic beverages on Millersville University’s campus.  In addition, the University’s police department meets regularly with students and students groups about the dangers of excessive drinking and to foster positive student/police relations.  The police, and many of our departments, are involved in education programs to deter drinking and report all violations of law and student code whether on or off-campus to the Office of Judicial Affairs.  Our Wellness Center  has an alcohol awareness initiative designed specifically for students.  Many of our residence halls also hold alcohol awareness programs.  We also have an Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) counselor on campus who is available to all students and runs  “alcohol 101” programs designed for freshmen.  You can contact the counseling department at 872-3122 or stop by Lyle Hall.  In addition, there is a lot of good information on the University’s website about the dangers of excessive drinking.  I would encourage you to read more under health services at:

 The majority of our students at Millersville University are responsible, young adults.  It is unfortunate that the Snapper chose to give a misleading impression of our student body. 


Dr. Aminta Hawkins-Breaux
Vice President, Student Affairs



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  1. Gotta agree with Steven here. Alcohol is a part of the real world. Honestly I didn’t really believe that the police would sign off on this thing when I saw the article. Sounds ridiculous right? Even then, the idea that there were not parties on that day involving beer is naive.

    Despite this, the idea of a controlled, safe environment to gain experience with things as dangerous as alcohol can be sounded like a refreshing change for the world. I imagine a lot of adults would have liked getting a real education on these things before being dropped into them, as almost all of us are.

    In a country where the majority of people in prisons are there to prevent people from having a good time, we should all be excited about the next generation developing real world experience safely, and as citizens of the future, we should all be deeply offended by Millersville’s clear disgust at being attached to something that could very well save lives. Right?

  2. This is not ridiculous and there are more mature ways to express yourself, especially when responding to the VP of Student Affairs. If you read the article, you would see that there were many instances in which the writing contradicted the purpose of the article which was to promote responsible partying. Also, the Snapper is picked up by those in the community and prospective students and their parents so hinting that it was “okay” to do drugs as long as they weren’t on the property is sending the message that all MU students have that opinion. The Snapper is a written representation of the student body and their writers need to keep that in mind when writing a story and publishing it.

  3. Yeah, hardly a correction, Millersville stop trying to control lives. I don’t even really drink and this is just crap.

  4. I think this “Correction to Snapper Article” is absolutely ridiculous. Get over yourself.

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