MUsings Introduction

The publication of MUsings : The Graduate Journal showcases the academic work of graduate students at Millersville University. The journal invites students to present highlights of their work in a venue that bolsters career-building experiences and celebrates their scholarly efforts.  Graduate students from the English department serve on the Editorial Staff.  Each issue features research articles, short stories, and literary essays. With this publication, MUsings seeks to encourage student creativity, commend innovative research, and generate student engagement in the academic and professional communities.

Dean’s Welcome

Welcome to Millersville University’s Spring 2017 edition of MUsings : The Graduate Journal. Since the success of last year’s inaugural edition, the mission of The Graduate Journal continues to be an outlet for our graduate students to delve into a myriad of topics and share their work with their peers, the University community, and the broader academic community. Read More

About Musings

Publication information for the Spring 2017 Issue

Photo Credit: Cover photo by Elizabeth Blackledge. Elizabeth is a graduate student in the Master of Art Education Program and is an art teacher at the East Petersburg Elementary School in Hempfield School District. Her photograph was taken in the Sima La pass in Tibet.  The collection of flags, representing elements of nature, signifies health and harmony, according to Tibetan belief. Elizabeth explains, “Prayer flags blowing in the wind will carry goodwill, peace, strength, wisdom and compassion to others.”