Event Date: Saturday, March 21, 2015

Director: Dr. Mehmet Goksu – Department of Physics

Logistics Director: Dr. Maria Schiza – Department of Chemistry

Supervisor & Judge Director: Dr. Aimee Miller - Department of Chemistry

          Volunteers Needed! See the opportunities here:  Division B  or  Division C

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Division B Event Descriptions   and   Division C Event Descriptions

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Division B Division C
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2012 Results 2012 Results
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Campus Map and Driving Directions
Letter for Coaches
Final Registration Form
Publicity Waiver Form
Act 48 Credit

Event Supervisors and Judges: Please Read Responsibilities of Event Supervisors and Judges

Time Event Location
7:00 am -
8:15 am
Registration Pucillo Gymnasium
8:30 am -
8:45 am
Opening Ceremony Pucillo Gymnasium
9:00 am -
2:50 pm
Competition Various
4:15 pm -
5:00 pm
Awards and Closing Ceremony Pucillo Gymnasium

Latest Rules Clarifications from the National Science Olympiad
Frequently Asked Questions (from the National Science Olympiad site)
Link to the National Science Olympiad site

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