Day 13 Harvest Day!!!

Looking Great!

Today was the day to harvest our hydroponic mesclun lettuce. Our lettuce looked great! The system was still working very well and the results of the final product show how great this second planting was. We were very impressed with the final results of this second planting. What we did different from the first was, we tried to maintain a constant pH level of 6. We also cut a hole in the bottom of all the cups this second time around. We figured that this would increase the nutrient flow through the plant roots. A final difference was that we planted our seeds without germinating them and put the nutrient solution in right off the bat as well. These changes really seemed to make the difference in the results of our second planting. We were a little scared once our first planting died, however; once we planted the second time, we were overjoyed. The second planting took off right away and already had sprouts after 2 days, even without germinating the seeds.

This project was very great and it made us use the 8 Steps in the Technological Design Process to create a successful hydroponic. We encountered the problems in the first planting, but addressed them and took care of them. The second planting was a great success and we were very happy that we were able to fix the problems that we had in the first planting so that we could reach ultimate success the second time around. The system gave us no trouble the second time around and the end product just shows how well the lettuce had grown.


Time to eat!

This is a picture of our mesclun lettuce after we harvested it. It was very green and healthy looking. We were also able to taste test our product at the end of class, which actually tasted very good and fresh!

We enjoyed this project!

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