Welcome party in my Chinese university

Every year in the fall semester, our Chinese university has a wonderful welcome party for freshman. This year they added LED screen projection and live stream. At most, 160,000 people are watching the show, which is amazing. I’d like to tell you what the party have.

We usually start with orchestral music and take command from the excellent conductor who graduated from our school. Next there is the lion dance. When I first met it last year, I was shocked. The lion dance team in our school is pretty good, they have won many awards. 640 640
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We also have some songs, poetry readings, dances. Another specially one is the cat walk. The students in the modeling team were dressed in strange costumes and magic makeup. The party ends with the anthem of our university.640 640

Blog #2: (The trip to farm)

381507740459_.picOn October 6th, we went to a farm near our university.
The land is divided into different regions and different things.
You could see many rows of apple trees and pear trees. There is a huge pumpkin patch next to the trees.


Teacher told us that we could choose our own pumpkin. We spent a long time looking for the pumpkin we liked. 401507740465_.picThen I used a long pair of scissors cutting the stem of the pumpkin which I chose. The pumpkin is much heavier than I thought. It is litter difficult to walk with it. However, it is still an interesting experience.


Finally, we went to the farm’s store. It sells many interesting things that I have never seen before. For example, the gourds have many kinds of strange shapes. Besides there is the orange corn. The apple cider tasted delicious. It was a perfect trip.351507740454_.pic231507740430_.pic

Trip to manor shopping center

We took school bus to the manor shopping center in September 22nd. We planned a funny time off-campus, including when to go and leave, seeing which movies.Maybe next time, we can go there using this plan.

Then we went around the shopping center, find some answers of the questions about there. Such as the type of food it serves, the tore you can get a medical prescription filled…

I saw some fireplaces sold in Big Lots. It’s special for me, because it’s difficult to see them in China. 71506629254_.pic

I think it’s fun to own a fireplace in my home.

In addition, we went to the Weis marker, there are many kinds of cheeses and beefs.81506629255_.pic 91506629256_.pic We usually don’t eat cheeses in china, however, in American, I find people like to add cheese to anything they eat. 101506629273_.picThere are also many kinds of cereals, in my opinion, it’s a good choice to eat cereals with milk in morning.

First week to Millersville

It is a long trip to get to the Unite States, took about fifteen hours. And we arrived Millersville in the evening, we lived in a house, we are all really tired, so we go to bed early.

The second day, because of jet lag, we got up early in the morning, we decided to go out to see our school, it is really different from the university in China. There are not tall buildings and many persons. The food is totally different, we eat humbugger, pizza and something else everyday. I went to Walmart three times and bought many things I need. The dormitory is pretty good for Chinese students I guess. In China, we lived a smaller dormitory and more than four persons live in there.

I think it is a really new life for me to begin the study at Millersville.

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