• Taylor H posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    First Blog Post
    While looking through both suggested links on D2l for this assignment, there was a post that really caught my eye. The post was called “How and Why We Should Let Our Students Fail,” which I found and subscribed to on the Cult of Pedagogy. It caught my eye because as perspective teachers, that’s not something you’d want your students to do. We want them to succeed, right? But as I read the article, which is based off the book, The Gift of Failure by Jessica Lahey, there were a lot of points made that I agreed with and started to understand the reasoning behind letting your student fail. A quote from the article that I think sums it up would be, “That means if we make life to easy for our kids, if we rescue them from every fail, they will never learn the important lessons that will carry them through life.” This post gives tips to parents on how to not be anxious about letting their child fail and it also explains to teachers how it can help them. Overall, this post was broken down into sections, the headlines were bolded to get the readers attention, and the topic was an interesting one to read. I feel like anyone could really benefit from reading this. It’s okay to let our students fail sometimes. It can help them later on the road instead of trying to fix things for them because they can learn a valuable lesson from their failure. What’s your thoughts on letting students fail?