• Everyone has to make make choice in their life, and I made the most great choice in my life which is transfer to Millersville University. I had spent one and a half year in a Florida University and already finish […]

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    Last three we had a very exciting trip to homestead village . During this trip I made two good friends, Dave and Patti. They are all very good person, I’m glad to have friend like them. We had some great time t […]

  • hazhang wrote a new post, Farm trip, on the site hannn 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Last week me and my friend went to a farm museum. And we had a great time there,  this is also the frist time I had explore the history of Lancaster. This museum was not far away from our university,  it took us […]

  • “How can you become a lucky man?” Have you ever think about this question before? every country has their own definition of lucky, some country believe that black cats are unlucky or crows are unlucky. We also […]

  • Today I am thinking about traditions in my home country, cause the homecoming day will coming these days, it also making me think our fall tradition s China, and I think about a very important fall festival in […]

  • hazhang wrote a new post, Farm Trip, on the site hannn 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    I am a city boy, growing up in the city study in the city also live in the city, but last Friday I had a very exciting trip with my friends of global education. We went to a very big farm nearby our university. It […]

  • Last Friday we had a very excited trip to Manor Shopping Center.My friend told me it is a very good place to having fun. So last Friday’s morning we took earliest bus which is 9:25am to go to the Manor Shopping […]

  • For some people it is very difficult to move to a new place, such as me. I transfer from forlda to here and the first week for me is not so good.  I went to millersville  at 17th to get my paper work done and t […]