• Today I am thinking about traditions in my home country, cause the homecoming day will coming these days, it also making me think our fall tradition s China, and I think about a very important fall festival in […]

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    I am a city boy, growing up in the city study in the city also live in the city, but last Friday I had a very exciting trip with my friends of global education. We went to a very big farm nearby our university. It […]

  • Last Friday we had a very excited trip to Manor Shopping Center.My friend told me it is a very good place to having fun. So last Friday’s morning we took earliest bus which is 9:25am to go to the Manor Shopping […]

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    For some people it is very difficult to move to a new place, such as me. I transfer from forlda to here and the first week for me is not so good.  I went to millersville  at 17th to get my paper work done and t […]

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