Global Poverty: Human Needs, Economic Justice, and Social Change

Millersville University School of Social Work’s Learning Institute is dedicated to investigating global social issues.  The Learning Institute provides a platform from which experts share their knowledge and offer training for agents of social change.  Each year, The Learning Institute hosts events that center on a particular theme reflected in the Learning Institute’s literature, roster of speakers, and annual conference.

For the 2015-2016 academic year, the Learning Institute is focused on poverty and human needs.  Poverty is among the greatest social issues we face today; its effects are pervasive and profound.  Poverty crosses boundaries of race, culture, and status and its consequences are of serious concern to the student, practitioner, and seeker of social change.  Poverty disproportionately affects people of color and the effects of living in poverty can be devastating for both adults and children (Iceland, 2013).

This year’s conference, Global Poverty: Human Needs, Economic Justice, and Social Change invites presentations (poster format, paper, roundtable, and workshop) that investigate challenges faced by individuals here and abroad.  These presentations can be original research, theoretical framework, clinical interventions, pedagogy, or policy and advocacy.

The conference will take place at Millersville University’s downtown campus, The Ware Center (42 N. Prince Street, Lancaster, PA 17603) from June 8-10, 2016.

Please contact Karen Rice at with any questions.  We look forward to seeing you in Lancaster County, PA in June!

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Elena Delavega 

ElenaDelavegaAssistant Professor of Social Work at the University of Memphis, a Fellow and Director of the Hooks Institute for Social Change, Co-Director of the Mid-South Family and Community Empowerment Institute.

Her scholarship centers on poverty, with the overall goal of understanding, addressing, and eliminating poverty and all forms of exclusion. She is currently involved in research testing the Culture of Poverty framework. She is deeply involved with the Memphis community, where her research on poverty is widely utilized.

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