1897-1899 Faculty Minutes: Mr. Kratz was seen with a pumpkin in the hall.

Below you will find extracts of the faculty meeting minutes of the Pennsylvania State Normal School of the Second District (now known as Millersville University). These extracts are from the volume covering 1897-1899. A digitized copy can be found at the Keystone Library Network’s Digital Collection:


Millersville, Pa. Sept. 13, 1897
Too many things are thrown from the windows.

Millersville, Pa. Oct. 11, 1897
Excursion to Washington- was discussed. The excursion was designed for seniors only; but it is the opinion of some members of the Faculty that any students who desires to go, may have permission. The fare is $7.25, this includes car fair and hotel accommodations for two days at Washington. The following is the itinery [sic]
[pasted itinerary in book containing the following text]
Pennsylvania Railroad Tour to Washington, D.C.
Itinerary of First State Normal School.
On arrival at Washington, at 7.15 P.M., special omnibuses will be in
readiness to convey passengers to hotel.
Meet in the rotunda of the Capitol at 9.00 A.M. sharp for tour of the
building, under escort of special guides. Visit Congressional Library.
Take Metropolitan cars, East Capitol Street to 7th Street. Post Office
Department. Patent Office. State, War, and Navy Departments. Luncheon
at hotel at 1.00 P.M. Meet at Treasury Department 1.45 P.M. sharp (vaults
close at 2.00 P.M.). Visit Washington Monument. The elevator in the
Monument will carry only thirty persons on each trip. Trips commence on
the hour and half hour, and occupy thirty minutes. Last trip starts 4.30 P.M.
Visit Bureau of Printing and Engraving at 9.30 A.M.; Agricultural
Department; Smithsonian Institution; National Museum and Corcoran
Gallery of Art, and White House. Luncheon at hotel. Take train for
home, at 3.40 P.M., from Station Sixth and B Sts.
If possible arrangements will be made for a reception by President

Millersville, Pa. Oct. 18, 1897
When gentlemen teachers take ladies out in the evening, the Ladies must first get permission from Miss Lyle. This rule does not apply to the afternoon.

Millersville, Pa. Nov. 22, 1897
Miss Lyle stated that Miss Poutz and Miss Roseboro were reading too many novels. The Prin. see them.
Millersville, Pa. Jan 10, 1898
The money received from the Oriental Troubadour amounting to $ 23.60, is to be divided equally with the Page, and Normal Societies, and the Athletic Association.

Millersville, Pa. May 9, 1898
Mr. Roddy reported Misses Holmes and Cummings for dancing in the chapel at a time when they were repeatedly told not to. Each received 5 dem.

Millersville, Pa. June 13, 1898

Some of the students did not observe the instructions of the Prin. concerning the evening sociable on last Wednesday. They did not return to the building and went in pairs.

Millersville, Pa. October 31, 1898
Mr. Kratz was seen with a pumpkin in the hall. His case was referred to a committee.

Millersville, Pa. Nov. 14 1898
The committee composed of the gentlemen members of the Faculty, meet immediately after the regular meeting of the Faculty to consider the case of Messrs. Stackhouse and Snyder. These gentlemen were called before the committee, and their stories agreed in the following facts:
That Mr. Raymond Snyder slept in the room with Messrs. Robert and Howard Stackhouse- That about midnight, or between 12 & 1 o’clock, when ever a chicken crowed in the neighborhood, they imitated it.

Millersville, Pa. Mar. 6, 1899
He denied having made any noise in his room. But the Prin. went out and asked his brother about the matter who said that Howard had made noise in the room.

Millersville, Pa. Mar. 27, 1899
Mr. Lansinger [suggested to his colleagues] “Do not call students names – block-head etc.”
…Teachers should be models for the students in all things.

Millersville, Pa. Mar. 28, 1899
The Principal desires to call the attention of members of the Faculty to the fact that the business of the meetings will be better performed if no one reads any newspaper or books or corrects papers, or in any other way fails to follow the routine work of the meetings. This suggestion is made without reflecting upon any one, as the custom seems to have grown with long practice. He believes that all will approve and follow there suggestion.

Millersville, Pa. Jan. 9, 1899
It was stated that Mr. Herbert Thomas was “sly”, “smooth”, “good at making excuses”, “can’t spell”, etc.

Millersville, Pa. Jan. 23, 1899

The Principal stated that the teachers had the power to rectify wrongs wherever seen. They should feel that their duty to preserve order extends to all parts of the building and grounds.

Millersville, Pa. Mar. 6, 1899
[Howard Stackhouse] acknowledged that he had gone to Lanc. without permission, and has been using profane language in his room. He denied having made any noise in his room. But the Prin. went out and asked his brother [Robert Stackhouse] about the matter who said that Howard had made noise in the room.

Millersville, Pa. Mar. 27, 1899
[Mr. Lansinger made the following suggestions to his fellow teachers:]
Do not trifle in class,
,, ,, call students names – block-head &c
,, ,, address familiarly, but call all students Mr. and Miss.
,, ,, electioneer for the societies

Millersville, Pa. Apr. 12, 1899
Musical instruments are played on Sunday. This question was discussed but no definite conclusion reached.

Millersville, Pa. May 22, 1899
Study bells will ring here-after at 7.15 and 7.30 except on cloudy evenings.

Millersville, Pa. May 29, 1899
The Prin. stated that the children about the school make too much noise.