Fulbright Scholar Program Workshop

Faculty and administrators were encouraged to attend a Fulbright Scholar Program Workshop on Thursday, March 23rd from 12:30pm to 2:30pm. Entitled “Discover How You Can Make an Impact Abroad”, this workshop allowed interested professionals to learn about opportunities to promote international education both at home and abroad.

According to the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) the Fulbright Program is a collection of scholarships and grants aimed at academic professionals that promotes international education and global understanding. This competitive program allows for individuals to teach, research, and learn in another country, funded primarily by the US government. While most recipients are American academics traveling abroad, international professional interested in studying in the US are also eligible to apply. Participants can expect to broaden their understanding of important global issues and foster a mutual understand and respect.

Millersville both encourages faculty to travel abroad and welcomes professionals from other countries as well. These individuals are guided by Fulbright Scholar Liaisons who are past participants dedicated promoting the program and helping new participants acclimate to their new surroundings. Dr. Christine Gaudry, a liaison at Millersville and Faculty Coordinator at Global Education, hosted this Fulbright Scholar Program Workshop and welcomed guest speaker Hilary Hartley.

Dr. Christine Gaudry introduces Ms. Hilary Hartley to a group of faculty, staff, and administration interested in interested in global scholarship.

Dr. Christine Gaudry introduces Ms. Hilary Hartley to a group of Millersville faculty, staff, and administration interested in interested in global scholarship.

Ms. Hartley, the Regional Lead for the Western Hemisphere for the Fulbright Scholar Program at the CIES, presented on options for teaching, research, and participating in other initiatives while abroad. With over 125 different countries to choose from, choosing which scholarship and location would be the most appropriate can be difficult. Ms. Harley provided a walkthrough of how best to write a successful application that is competitive with the other applicants and is best suited to individual needs. In addition to advice for potential Millersville scholars, Ms. Harley also spoke on hosting Fulbright Visiting Scholars through the Outreach Lecturing Fund and the Scholar-in-Residence Program. Both programs help to build an international presence on campus by welcoming international scholars or short-term lectures or long-term teaching respectively.

Millersville professional learn about the Fulbright Scholar Program from a member of the Council for International Exchange and Scholars.


The workshop concluded with a Q&A session in which faculty, staff, and administration was able to discuss any questions or concerns that had about the program. In addition, Ms. Hartley also stayed to consult interested faculty on their individual program plans including projected proposals and specific world region of interest.

Any faculty or administration interested in the program but unable to attend the workshop should contact Global Education for more information.

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