Meet Patriece: New Director of International Programs


Global Education is pleased to announce the addition of Patriece Campbell as Director of International Programs. She is looking forward to all the amazing possibilities that are out there to collaborate with faculty and staff across the campus and to provide great opportunities for more students (both domestic and international). Check out the Q&A session below to find out more about Patriece! 

What university did you attend?

  • University of Michigan-Flint: BA Organizational Communication and International Studies, Masters of Public Administration
  • University of New England: Doctor of Educational Leadership- expected May 2017- Dissertation topics focused on International Student Social integration at US institutions

Do you have any study abroad/international experience? Can you elaborate? 

I came to the U.S from Jamaica to pursue my tertiary level studies. However, I have traveled to 10+ countries to recruit international students and develop institutional partnerships.

What was the biggest struggle of coming from Jamaica to study at a university in America? 

As with other international students, one of the biggest challenges occurs during the initial semester where you are not only transitioning to college, but also to a new cultural and social environment without your natural support system from back home. As a 17 year old educated in the British system where you didn’t speak in class and your grades depended primarily on the results of mid-terms and finals, I struggled with participating in classes and managing my own time outside of classes… in Jamaica everything about school was dictated.

Why did you originally decide to come to the US to study and did your family come with you or are they still living in Jamaica? 

Because of the close proximity of the US to Jamaica, I grew up spending a lot of time during holidays with family in Florida. I attended Knox College (high school) in Jamaica, and the questions wasn’t whether or not you would pursue college afterwards but where. I chose to attend school in the US because of scholarship funding, and my brother being in school in Michigan (at the time). My younger brother followed us to Michigan, as is still there.

What attracted you to Millersville?

Having been a part of the staff that built the program from 16 international students to 800+, as well as help support other international initiatives such as Education Abroad and ESL training for students, I wanted the opportunity to build a program.

What do you think your most successful project has been so far in your professional career? 

This is a difficult question to answer. I have had lots of successful projects. I have had an amazing career so far. As an international student, I was an Engineer major, but spent a lot of time lobbying for international student services. After switching my major (Org. Communication and International Studies) in order to focus on this passion, I co-wrote the proposal of the creation of the International Center. I think the ability to create an office that is student-centered… working collaboratively across campus to make the enrollment of international students, and students wanting to go abroad a great experience for all is what I live for. If I had to choose, the best thing I have ever done is the creation of the International Student Ambassadors is by far the most rewarding for me.

What do you think the role of Global Education is at a university? 

Comprehensive internationalization is a term that is used a lot in higher education. Depending on who you talk to it mans a lot of different things, and serves varying purposes. I believe the role of internationalization is to create globally competent graduates. In order to do this we need to do a variety of things. This includes the internationalization of the curriculum and campus services and the recruitment and retention of international students. As an office, I see my role as bridging the gap, working collaboratively on campus to help all students that want to go abroad get the opportunity without interfering with their ability to graduate, as well as to ensure the successful integration of international students on campus, both academically and socially. I believe these are in line with our mission as an institution.

How important do you think it is for students to have an experience abroad?

Studying abroad is considered a high impact experience that can have a positive effect on retention and graduation rates. It is important for all students to have an international experience. The first preference is for them to go abroad, but there are many ways a student can engage locally. The presence of international students on campus for example gives a great opportunity for students to engage with people from different cultures. Faculty can integrate international topics into their course work, where applicable, for example. These experiences do a lot for a person. There are able to have a better understanding and appreciation of different cultures and views of the world. They are able to discover themselves through their varied experiences… personal development through pushing the boundaries of their comfort zone. It expands the world view of the student.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I’m fascinated with history, culture and architecture. I am also a wanderer at heart. You could place me anywhere I would make the most of it. Maybe backpacking through Asia or Africa would be great— lots of culture to cover.

Do you plan to make any major changes to Global Education or the programs it provides? 

Global Education has historically focused on education abroad initiatives. Our scope has broadened to provide international student and scholar services, and well as the creation of an intensive English program for international students (Fall 2017). We will also work closely with a variety of offices to expand and enhance partnerships. I will be working with Christine Gaudry and the GE Advisory Board to look at faculty and staff engagement as it relates to internationalization.

What is an interesting fact about yourself that most people do not know?

I love video games… strategic games like civilizations etc. I am on hiatus because of pursuing a doctoral degree. Also, I would prefer to be curled up with a good book instead of watching TV etc.