Introducing: Global Marauders

With Millersville University’s growing focus on global citizenship and international studies, Global Education saw the need for a community in which students could socialize, connect, and learn about each other as well as other cultures. In a project spearheaded by Director Patriece Campbell and Graduate Assistant Dean Miller, Global Marauders was developed to provide a peaceful transition into the college social environment through fostering friendship, communication, and support between international and Millersville students.

Whether you’re a Millersville student who is looking to make new friends, or an international student new to America, Global Marauders is the perfect club to get involved in! They are open to all Millersville students and plans to host weekly meetings in a relaxed setting with fun activities for making fast friends. In addition to standard meetings, Global Marauders also plans on hosting larger events and field trips as they continue to build their following.

Global Marauders are in the process of receiving official recognition from the student senate with the prospect of beginning to meet in the spring semester. If you are interested in participating in this innovative club, be sure to like their Facebook page and be on the lookout for their official release.

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