Up-Coming Global Education Events!

  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park

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–   Jump into fun with Global Ed!

–   Checkout their out Skyzone’s website to see all the fun waiting for you: https://www.skyzone.com/lancaster

–   Dates & Time: More details to come soon!

  • Celebration of International Education Event

SAVE THE DATE! Join us for our annual celebration event with MU administration/faculty, staff, and other students to celebrate Image result for celebration pnginternational education. It is a wonderful evening to celebrate you and your accomplishments. Dinner is included! You will be receiving an invitation with more info from the Global Ed office shortly.

–   Date & Time: Wednesday, April 19 in the early evening

We look forward to seeing you at some of the upcoming events!

Tax Workshop

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Global Education will have a professional tax representative available to help you complete your Tax Return forms for free. All international students who were in the U.S. during 2016 are required to file taxes, even if you did not work. If you do not attend a workshop, you will be responsible for filing your taxes on your own.

  • Students who were here in 2016 and also worked will have extra forms to fill out and should bring their W-2 with them
  • All students should bring the following: passport, calculator, social security card (if you have one), and W-2 if you worked during 2016

–   Dates & Times:

  • Thursday, March 23rd at 4pm in the Library room 118
  • Wednesday, March 29th at 4pm in the Library room 118
  • Be sure to arrive on time at the start of the workshop

OPT/CPT Employment Workshop

  • OPT/CPT Employment Workshop

–   Students who plan to graduate in the next year and are interested in working in the U.S. may be interested in Optional Practical Training or Curricular Practical Training. Come get some helpful information on how to apply and ask questions! Applications for OPT are due to the U.S. government very soon. If you are considering OPT,you should get started now!CPT OPT

  • Tuesday, March 7 from 4-5pm at Cumberland House
  • Wednesday, March 8 from 12-1pm at Cumberland House

Spring Break Plans

Spring break is just around the corner (March 13-17) and I am sure you’re just as excited for a week off from classes and school work as everyone else is. Do you any have plans yet on how to really enjoy your week off? If not, check below for some things to do if you’re not jet setting off to a tropical beach somewhere or visiting your home country!

  • Enjoy Lancaster – there are plenty of things to do locally that can be fun rain or shine. Aside from the suggestions mentioned in our previous article, there is much more Lancaster has to offer! Strausburgh, for starters, is a small town about 20 minutes away with tons of fun things to discover, like ice cream shops, a railroad track, and antique shops! There are also the outlets near by to shop ’til you drop for new spring clothes! Downtown Lancaster is a great place to browse shops or grab a bite to eat with friends. No matter who you’re with, you are sure to find something fun to do in Lancaster!
  • Take a beach trip – Sure, it may not be a luxurious vacation to Cancun, but the beaches of New Jersey and Maryland are only 2-3 hours drive from here. While it may be too cold to go in the water, there is still nothing like the feeling of being in a beach town!
  • Go to D.C. or Baltimore – Our nations capital is only 2.5 hours from Millersville, and if you haven’t been yet – you’re missing out! With free museums and other attractions, Washington D.C. is a great city to explore, for a day or more! Baltimore, the capital of Maryland, is only 1.5 hours from here! Baltimore is another city rich with history and filled with fun attractions – like the national aquarium! Both cities are an easy way to have a fun day or weekend with a few friends without traveling too far.
  • Visit a friend’s home – If you have made a lot of American friends who live close to here, ask if you can join them at home for a day or two. It’s awesome to be able to see where friends grew up and they know all of the fun things to do in their hometowns as well!
  • relax – spring break is an entire week off from classes. While you may have some class work to do over break or tests when you come back, remember to find time to relax. Before you know it, spring break will be over and we will be heading towards midterms and finals! Use this time to catch up on your favorite show, read a good book, enjoy time with friends or family, and relax.

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday widely celebrated around the world. While it was originally seen as a largely religious holiday in Ireland, the US sees it as a celebratory affair! Here are just a few ways that Americans celebrate – see how they compare to your home country this year on March 17!

  • Green Everywhere! – Everywhere you look, there will be green. Green food/drinks, green clothes, and sometimes people even dye their hair or paint their faces green. People love to go ‘all out’ in decorations and dressing up for St. Patty’s Day!
  • Shamrocks – We are not exactly sure why we use shamrocks as a token of good luck, but Americans love to believe in them anyway. 3 and 4 – leaf clover shamrocks are the proprietary symbol of St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Parades – all across the country, big cities will be throwing St. Patrick’s Day parades and events. People will participate in everything from fundraisers, pub crawls, dances, parties, festivals and much more! Try hosting your own St. Patrick’s party with your friends and green decorations and food!


Spring is in the air

As you may have noticed from the crazy, unpredictable weather these past few weeks, Spring is among us! So, what exactly does spring in Pennsylvania entail?

  • Longer days – Spring means daylight savings time starts back up again! This year, daylight savings time begins March 12. At 2 am, we will set our clocks (or they will automatically be set) forward one hour! This will result in the sun setting later and days lasting longer, and who doesn’t love that?
  • Don’t rely on your weather app – spring weather is unpredictable. It will be warm and sunny one day, with a windy, cold day following. There is even still  a chance of snow showers from time to time, and this is not uncommon. One year, we saw snow as late as April! So, if we get a warm streak of temperatures in the 70’s, don’t pack away your long sleeves just yet.
  • Everything is colorful again – Once the weather warms up and the sun starts to shine consistently, nature flourishes. Grass becomes green and full again, flowers start to bloom, and leaves on the trees will begin to grow buds.

I think it is safe to say that we are all ready for spring to begin on March 20. Before we know it, it’ll be time for summer break! Just try to keep up the motivation to go to class, even on sunny, warm days.

Spring Break Information!


For students staying on campus follow the instructions on MU’s Housing Website, completing the form found there to ensure that you’ll have access to the residence halls during break. Requests to stay on campus are due by Tuesday, March 7th. Residence Halls will close at 7:00pm on Friday, March 20th for all students who do not complete a request to stay on campus during break.

Dining Services:

Dining services have limited availability during break. Refer to the attached guide from Dining Services to see what options are available on campus. Be aware you will be unable to use your meal plans from Saturday, March 11th -Saturday, March 18th and you must use Marauder Gold, cash, and credit cards to pay for meals during that time. Meal plans will be available for use on Sunday, March 19th. Plan ahead as no dining services are available on-campus on Sunday, March 12th.

Due to these limitations, you might want to visit local grocery stores. The closest grocery store to campus, John Herr’s, is about a 20 minute walk. It is located near the end of George Street at 25 Manor Avenue. Their business hours are found here. Another nearby grocery store is Weis Markets located at the Manor Shopping Center at 1204 Millersville Pike, Lancaster PA. Students can take the #16 bus there.


ELCM Career Week

From February 27 – March 1, ELCM is hosting Career Week as a way for students to focus on their career plans and discover job opportunities. Events all week are free and most provide light refreshments. For more information, check out their website here!

If you attend at least 3 events, you are entered to win free prizes!

Monday, February 27

  • Creating Your Personal Brand: Your Resume. 12:00 – 1:00 pm. SMC 118. This session allows individuals to create or improve their resume for maximum impact and effectiveness.
  • Professionalism in the Workplace: How to avoid…”You are terminated.” 5:30 – 7:30 pm. SMC 118. This session goes over how to be professional in your future career and how this will benefit you.

Tuesday, February 28

  • LinkedIn? A Breakthrough in your Career. 12:10 – 1:10 pm. SMC 118. This session will help you to either create or improve your LinkedIn professional networking profile.
  • The Interview – Before, During, and After. 4:00 – 5:00 pm. SMC 118. A panel of Human Resource professionals will discuss how job candidates can be successful during their interviews.

Wednesday, March 1

  • National Service Panel: Impacting Communities Across the Globe. 12:30 – 1:30 pm. SMC 118. Have you ever thought about spending a year of service helping communities internationally or fighting poverty in the United States? Attend this panel presentation to find out more about these life-defining experiences serving and making a difference both abroad and domestically.
  • Making the Transition from Academic to Professional Success:
    Practical Tips for Career Development. 4:00 – 5:45 pm. Gordinier University Room. 
    The University Honors College will offer a panel discussion open to all students (undergraduate and graduate) on practical suggestions for making the transition to career success

Thursday, March 2

  • Mock Interview and Feedback Sessions. 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. SMC MPR. Sign up here for a 20 minute mock interview with a 10 minute feedback session.
  • Careers in Marketing and Business Development. 3:00 – 5:00 pm. SMC 118. A panel of Central Pennsylvania marketing and business development professionals will discuss their rise through the ranks

Friday, March 3

  • Career Exploration for First Year Students. 12:00 – 1:00 pm. SMC 118. Learn about career exploration resources and receive advice and guidance to help you on your career path.

Snow Tubing with Global Ed

Join Global Ed and other international students for snow tubing on Tuesday, February 28!

Only $15 per person which includes a ride and all of the equipment needed.

Only 24 seats available so stop into global ed by Thursday, Feb. 23 to reserve your spot! You won’t want to miss out on this night of snow fun!

Never been snow tubing? check out this awesome video!

Snow Tubing

Local Things to Do Around Town

Lancaster is a small town but there is a lot of fun things to do while you’re in it!

Here are some cool things to do around town

  • Lancaster Cupcake’s

Image result for lancaster cupcake

If you have a big sweet tooth, Lancaster Cupcake is a really good place to go to get delicious cupcakes. They have some many different varieties of cupcakes its incredible! Lancaster Cupcakes was also on a very popular TV show called Cupcake Wars. They have a nice cafe area where you can sit and do homework while enjoying a mouth watering cupcake.

Image result for the pottery works lancaster pa

  • The Pottery Works

Feeling a little creative ? You can visit The Pottery Works in downtown Lancaster. If your feeling over whelmed by school and just need a break, this is a nice peaceful and affordable place to go to. You pick out a pottery piece that you would want to work with and any choice of colors you want to paint it with and have fun with free painting.

Image result for the ware center

  • The Ware center

Want to enjoy live performances ? Head over to the Ware center, They have tons of performances such as:

  • Pennsylvania Ballet Company
  • Lancaster Symphony Orchestra
  • Allegro Chamber Orchestra

and many more. You can purchase tickets in the  Student Memorial Center (SMC)  at the box office or at the ware center 10:00am-4:30pm you also get a student discount plus they have some free events!

International Student News

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