Healthy Eating and Academic Success

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Finals week is quickly approaching and everyone knows what that means….late nights and a diet consisting of coffee and convenient junk food! ┬áBut it’s very important that you eat healthy food during Finals Week so that your brain has enough energy to get you through that late night study sessions!

Also, remember that summer is coming right after finals, so if we all want to look good in our beachImage result for png beach bucket wear, we should snack healthier while studying for finals.

Here are some tips for healthy snacking:

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  • Eat Fruit! you can substitute fruit for sweets and candies and the natural sugar keeps you alert and awake.
  • Granola bars are good for an on-the-go snack.
  • Peanuts or any type of nuts are good brain food
  • Vegetables are great- carrots with ranch dip is a personal favorite.
  • If your feeling the need for chips, rice chips or rice cakes are a good healthy substitute and come in many flavors.
  • Eat a full dinner, even if it is something quick and easy like pasta.
  • The galley provides many healthy, quick lunch options to grab on your way to the library, like wraps and salads.
  • Popcorn is good for you in moderation.

Good luck on finals and remember to gets a lot of sleep, eat healthy, and study hard!