Spring fashion

As you know the Spring is coming ! thank goodness no more snow ! Spring fashion in the U.S differs from day to day. Some days we have our wet and rainy days, then we have our super nice warm days and unfortunately we have our cool and windy like days. It is very important to dress how the weather is outside and still look super cute!  Here are some tips to dressing for the Spring weather

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For the warm days

  • Wear something light and flurry, pastel colors are very in during the spring so any light purples, pinks, blues , yellows, and greens should work. Charlotte russe and H&M are great places to get fashionable clothes.

The Rainy wet days

  •  Always have a pair of rain boots in your closet just in case for a rainy day, I have notice especially during the Spring time at Millersville it rains a ton.

Cool windy days 

  • Keep a light jacket on hand it can go from being super warm outside to cool and windy in a matter of a day. I would suggest wearing cardigans or a light fleece jacket.