Our favorite sweet treats

In the U.S there are so many treats available to us when we have a sweet tooth for an  icy delight such as Rita’s, Dairy Queen, and Yogurt Land  and many more.

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  • Image result for ritas pngKnown for the Italian Ice and yummy cream custards. you can put whatever toppings you would like and even jazz it up with an Italian water ice with cream custards which is called a Gelati you can pick any flavor water ice and any type of cream custard to go on top, really mouth watering delicious.

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  • Dairy Queen or for short DQ is also known for their creamy yummy custards and bananas splits Image result for dairy queen banana split png. At DQ you can get a Image result for Oreo blizzard pngvariety of things like a Royal Oreo blizzard or even chili dogs and french fries.

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  • Yogurt Land is a very fun place to get frozen yogurt you can pick any flavor frozen yogurt and fill it up with whatever toppings you want. It is self served so you can literally put however much Image result for Yogurtland pngtoppings and frozen yogurt in your cup as much as you like!