Local Food Favorites

Sick of dining hall food? Not a great cook yourself? Luckily, Millersville offers many local places to grab a quick bite, or to sit down with friends and enjoy a full meal. Check out our favorite places nearby!

  • Tropical Smoothie Cafe – located next to Sheetz, they offer a variety of healthy smoothies, paninis, flat breads, and sandwiches! go between 8 – 10 am for half priced smoothies!

trop smoothie

  • Sheetz our favorite local gas station also offers a variety of quick bites, like breakfast sandwiches, subs, chicken fingers, and more! They also accept Marauder Gold as payment.
  • Wayback Burgers – next to Tropical Smoothie Cafe, it’s the perfect place to go for a burger, chicken sandwich, fries, and much more! Try their milkshakes, too!


  • Nino’s – We are lucky enough to have 2 Nino’s within close proximity. One is located right by John Herr’s and just recently opened up. The other is located next to Wayback Burgers! Both are great for a slice of pizza or any other Italian dish you could want.


  • Two Cousins – speaking of Italian dishes, Two Cousin’s Pizza offers more than just delicious pizza. They also have a menu featuring classic Italian meals at an affordable price – and they Deliver!
  • Sugar Bowl – This is one of the more popular places to eat due to it’s location being practically on campus. Whether you dine in at the little shop across from the Library, or have them deliver right to your door, Sugar Bowl is always a great choice for pizza, salads, sandwiches and much more!
  • House of Pizza – or more commonly known as HoPie, this establishment is located on the corner of Frederick Street and Prince. Yet another pizza shop known for it’s delicious food and entertainment. Stop by on a Thursday night for Karaoke!
  • JavaVille – Straying away from the pizza shop trend, JavaVille is located right across from House of Pizza. They offer all day breakfast and delicious coffee house style beverages.
  • Jack’s Family Tavern – not only is it a popular bar for students of age to hang out at on weekends, but Jack’s is also a sit down restaurant that serves home cooked meals at a great price. On Tuesdays at 9:00 they have Trivia, too! Check it out – an be sure to tip your waiter!
  • Sugar on Top – perfect for your sweet tooth, Sugar on top sells delicious, over-the-top donuts that everyone loves! There is definitely a flavor made for everyone. Stop by, they are located right across from the church on George Street, by Wickersham.