My New Reading Strategies!

After looking at some new strategies, like visual note taking, I learned how to do some work faster and smarter. I said this because this new way of reading shorten my time and I was also able to gain more time to complete other assignments. In both Dr. Garcia’s and Dr. Corkery’s class, I used these strategies to pass my test and do assignments on time.

Some examples are, when I’m reading an article, I use my outlining strategies. I said this because with outlining, you can gain knowledge and understanding of the articles. I underline important bullets point which will allow me to understand and gain knowledge. Furthermore, I used “visual” during class to take notes. For example; in Dr. Garcia’slass, I remember most of the notes, but it still takes some notes to add on to it.

Visual and outline were the two strategies I chose to try and they both worked good, but at the same time, there were some struggles and a hard time in doing so. But most importantly, I was able to do my work and hand it in on time.