Field Instructors and Affiliated Agencies

Social work practitioners give back to the social work profession in many different ways, one of which is to become educators within field settings.  Field instructors as educators fill a crucial role in social work field education. Field education is considered the signature pedagogy of social work education (CSWE, 2015).  It is where students practice in real-life settings as they gain mastery as they become social work practitioners.  Field Instructors offer students experiential learning opportunities which enhances knowledge and skills.

Practitioners who are interested in becoming a field instructor for BSW or MSW level students must complete a field instruction orientation and attend ongoing field education training offered by MU Social Work Field Education Program.  These training will be posted on this blog under Orientation and Ongoing Training.  Field Instructors should visit the blog frequently to obtain updates and training information.  Below are the requirements as well as Roles and responsibility field instructors:


The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) requires that social work programs recruit field instructors who have the following criteria:

  • a BSW or an MSW degree  from an accredited social work program,
  • two-year post-graduate experience.


Field Instructors and Task supervisor responsibilities