BSW Field Retreat Spring 2017

Welcome Field Instructors and Task Supervisors,

Millersville University School of School of Social Work Is delighted that you are apart of the students learning this semester.  You will find links to the BSW Field Retreat PowerPoint Presentation, NASW and CSWE Resources, Field Documents and BSW Performance Evaluation as well as BSW Field Instructor Stipend below Click on the links below).

BSW Field Retreat PowerPoint:

BSW Field Retreat


National Association for Social Workers Code of Ethics

Council on Social Work Education Educational Policy on Accreditation Standards (EPAS)

BSW or MSW Field Instructors Only:  BSW Field Instructors Stipend

BSW Field Instructors stipends W9 and survey information are due March 23, 2018. The W9 information should be sent to  I would ask that you also  cc when sending this email.  If you would like to donate the stipend received back to support students. Please receive the stipend and write out a check to the Millersville University School of Social Work  If you have any questions please feel free to contact  

BSW Stipend


Field Documents:

BSW Field Manual Spring 2018

Roles and Responsibility

Hour Log

Process Recording

Learning Contract

BSW Student Performance Evaluation

Student Course schedule This is provided to field instructors and task supervisor so you are awarded when documents are due to the Social Work Field Education.

BSW Student Performance Evaluation:

Field Instructors as you evaluate your students progress, I would ask that you collaborate with the student’s task supervisor (if applicable) to get their input on your student’s progress.  I have enclosed a word document of the BSW student performance evaluation to assist you when collaborating with others in your agency on your students progress. I would encourage you to meet with your student on their progress before the Mid-term field visit with your liaison.  After the Mid-term meeting is complete, fill out the BSW Performance Evaluation link below. Print out a copy and give your student a copy of their evaluation for their records. Please send a copy of the completed evaluation to your Field Liaison as well. The Field Liaisons email addresses are listed below.

BSW Performance Evaluation Link  (Click on the link)

Please note that the students’ performance evaluations are due as follows:

Mid-term March 23, 2018

Final: May 4, 2018

Field Liaisons Emails:

We hope that these links support you as you teach social work students within field settings as well as assist your professional development needs.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Bertha Saldana De Jesus, MSW

BSW.MSW Interim Field Coordinator

School of Social Work

Millersville University



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