Summer Updates!

Some summer updates!

We’re starting to work on the Fall 2011 calendar here at MU Fencing.

Look forward to at least the following events:

Temple Open

Chaos 2011 (UMCP)

BWCFC Fall (North) Meet

Possible invitational with Wilson/Gettysburg/others(??)

We also need YOUR help in fundraising for this season.  While last year went well, and we have acquired some significant gear to help us become one of the best-equipped training facilities in the area, our bank took a big hit, and with the looming budget cuts coming, we’re going to have to work just as hard off-the-strip as we do on it, just to cover expenses.

Any ideas for fundraising are welcome in the comments and via the club email. Thanks!

Also, a reminder to our friends and fencers, US Fencing is continuing to expand its adoption of the foil-bib target area, and some of you may be impacted by this in the 2011-2012 season.  For more info, check this article from the folks at

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