This blog is dedicated to the students and faculty at Millersville University that are involved in Ecology and Conservation activities.

This blog is updated and edited by me, Dr. Aaron Haines.


Releasing a Ring-necked Pheasant with a Satellite Collar


I am an Assistant Professor of Conservation Biology at Millersville University.   My professional research interests involve working with students to identify more effective approaches to implement on the ground conservation strategies to benefit species of conservation concern.  Conservation strategies may include the use of spatial models to identify priority areas in need of protection or management, habitat restoration projects that benefit multiple wildlife species, and identifying ways to mitigate of poaching activity.


Back at Hawk Mountain

Second day at Hawk Mountain to help with rodent trapping.  Learned that the goal on this long term project is to correlate small mammal diversity and abundance with acorn harvest and parasite loads.  Interesting work.

Eastern Chipmunk with ear tag




Visiting American Toad




One last look before release




Visit to Hawk Mountain

Hawk Mountain

Had a great trip to Hawk Mountain today.  Met with Shealyn Marino.  Shealyn works with Wilkes University as a biological technician.  Shealyn has been working on a long-term small mammal trapping research project.  Below are some of the animals we captured today.  What a great place to take the Mammology class.


White-footed Mouse
Short-tailed Shrew






Eastern Chipmunk
Wood Frog






Conservation Happenings at Millersville University

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