Hello world. I wrote you a song.

Hello, world! (That’s supposed to be kind of an in-joke, since I’m a computer science major and “Hello world” is the supposedly the first thing one writes when working with a new language.)

I’m starting college, which means that this post has a 90% chance of being the second-to-last post on this blog. (The last post, of course, will come 3 months later and will be a heartfelt apology for not updating in forever.) It also means that I’m saying goodbye to many friends I’ve made over the past three years and hopefully making a lot of new friends.

So, as more than 2 months ago now, I was getting ready to give a graduation speech in front of thousands of people and be handed a glossy diploma case, I wrote a little song about the pain of moving on in life and the strange comfort that comes from knowing thousands of others are going through the same experience.

It’s not a particularly good song, but I like it. I hope you do too.


(The picture, in case you’re curious, is of me giving my speech.)

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