Courses Taught

Courses in Applied Engineering at Millersville often combine lecture with significant, hands-on laboratory experience. The following are courses I have taught. Independent studies, individualized instruction and honors thesis projects are welcome. Please see me about opportunities or more information.

Teaching Experience:

  • Production materials and processes (ITEC 130)

The integration and interrelationships of materials and processes for construction and manufacturing, including the application of math and scientific principles and the technological impacts on industry and society. Requires experiences in materials processing and production tooling.

  • Processing metallic materials (ITEC 281)

Design, manufacturing and assembly of metallic products. Covers metallic material properties, metallurgy, heat treatment, alloying and impacts. Mathematical and scientific concepts are stressed to transform metallic materials into useful products. Includes safe utilization of associated tools and machines.

  • Statics and strength of materials (ITEC 345)

Elementary, analytical, and practical approaches to the principles and physical concepts of statics. Covers force systems; equivalent force/ moment systems; distributed forces; internal forces; principles of equilibrium; application to trusses, frames and beams; and friction.

  • Polymer and ceramic technology (ITEC 375)

Design, development and production of polymer and ceramic products. Covers contemporary pattern and molding materials along with industrial forming processes.

  • Computer numerical control (CNC) machining (ITEC 382)

Theoretical concepts and industrial applications of CNC technology. Emphasis on programming and integrating computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology in the manufacturing of useful products. Student design and programming solutions verified via offline software and through actual part production using CNC machining and turning centers.

  • Machine tool design (ITEC 448)

Analysis, planning, design, construction and application of tools, methods and procedures necessary to increase manufacturing productivity. Integrated with machining and fabrication practices.

  • Independent Study/Honors Thesis (ITEC 498/499)

These “courses” involve one-on-one guidance in the completion of projects determined by the student and I. Although they require students to have competence to work individually, they also seek to develop and expand skills and experience in research and project execution related to solving the chosen problem(s). I’ve worked with a variety of students on the following topics:

Independent Studies:

  • Fall 2016: CNC Machining of Race Car Components
  • Spring 2015: Three-Dimensional CNC  for the Manufacture of an Electric Guitar
  • Spring 2014: Development of Operations and Setup of CNC Machines (2 students)
  • Spring 2014: Nanomanufacturing of Fibrous Carbon Components
  • Fall 2013: Development of Polymer and Composite Processing for RC Car Fabrication
  • Spring 2013: TIG Welding and its Affects on Structural Properties

Honors Theses:

  • Summer/Fall 2014: Synthesis and Mechanical Testing of Carbon Nanofiber Monoliths
  • Spring/Fall 2015: Microstructural Considerations in Catalytic Carbon Deposition