SME Projects

As the adviser of the Millersville Chapter of SME, I am constantly looking for new opportunities to partner with others on campus, in industry and in the community. We have engaged in a variety of activities in our short time as a group. Some of what we’ve been doing includes:

  • Metal roses (fund raising, sold out in two separate rounds within two days)
  • Toys/Crafts for children at the Water Street Mission (Christmas and Easter)
  • Oversize chime set for the Lancaster Science Factory
  • Benches for the Lancaster Parks and Recreation Department
  • Bookends, desk clocks and diploma frames for prizes at  Made in Millersville student conference
  • 4’x4′ printing plate for Art Department (CNC router)
  • And even more projects in collaborations with departments and individuals…

Upcoming projects include creating an interactive display describing nanotechnology and nanomaterials for the Lancaster Science Factory and designing engineering solutions for space utilization at the Water Street Mission. We will also be recreating Inertia Wheels for the Physics department. As always, there will be smaller projects peppered in!

Interested in buying something we make? Want to join the group?

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