SME Student Group

What is SME (formerly the Society of Manufacturing SME LogoEngineers)?

SME is a national organization of which the student group will be a chapter.

From the SME website:

  • Vision – Enhance progress, prosperity and strong communities through manufacturing.
  • Mission – Inspire, prepare and support our stakeholders in the advancement of manufacturing.
  • Purpose – Advance manufacturing and attract future generations.

Why do we need the SME student group?

SME will exist to take on design challenges, produce innovative solutions and perform manufacturing and fabrication activities outside of class. This gives motivated students a more substantial educational experience through increased responsibility, technical depth and breadth of exposure. This student group is intended to fulfill 3 core competencies:

  1. Establish a deeper understanding of production methods and related skills required in their use.
  2. Use of innate and learned talents to serve the Department, College, University and Community through design, innovation and production.
  3. Provide unscripted opportunities for creating new products and production methods in response to challenges from internal (Millersville) and external (industry) supporters of SME.

What does SME do?

See for yourself! We are working on a variety of projects.

Who can join? Who do you need?

The answer to both questions is everyone! SME, like any other manufacturing organization requires talented workers in the areas of design, operational expertise (metalworking, woodworking, polymer/ceramic production), CNC programming, packaging, electronics, safety, quality, etc. Like was said, anyone and everyone can make valuable contributions. Any class level, freshman to graduate student, can provide much needed support.

The most important characteristics a member of SME can have are:

  • dedication to timely completion of projects
  • commitment to quality from material to assembly
  • creativity and willingness to try new approaches
  • respect for other group members and the “customer(s)” we serve

You will be provided with guidance and training, so your attitude is more important than your skills. The group should work together across disciplines and class standing.

Why me?

Time and again I’ve heard students recall group activities, outside of class, as one of the most valuable experiences they get out of college. Real-life activities and additional responsibility are some of the benefits that prepare you for a job after graduation. Oh yeah, it looks great on a resume as well!


Please contact the SME officers for more information on joining and what’s going on presently:

SME’s MU website