Shaker Table

To gain some more experience in woodworking, I decided to build a shaker table. This is the first “real” project I’ve ever built, and it was definitely a learning experience. My sincerest thanks to John Ellis for his guidance!

A narrow, two drawer hall table was most appropriate for the space it was to be in. Maple, aside from being a nice wood in general, was chosen to compliment the light colors of the space as well. I modified dimensions of a version designed by Woodsmith, but unlike the original plans, this version employs blind mortise and tenon joinery in the carcase and dovetails for the drawers.

Drawer fronts and table top are a modestly figured curly maple and drawer sides and back are quarter-sawn sycamore. Dovetails were hand cut with a trusty pull saw and chisels. Drawer runners, guides and table top brackets are red oak. Drawer bottoms are solid poplar.

Drawer pulls consist of a 3-piece combination of brass and satinwood. An internally threaded brass insert with shoulder is received by a counterbore in the satinwood, and a brass spacer was added to the back. When the drawer pull is tightened, it compresses the three together (The brass insert was glued and press fit in place anyway. Overkill?).

The entire project was finished with three applications of danish oil and finished with paste wax.

Now I just need a “commission” to create a drop-leaf corner table to match…