Adjustable candlesticks:

This was an opportunity to put our CNC lathe with live tooling to good use. The concept was born from an undergraduate project at Penn College. Writing the program and troubleshooting the code was a good exercise as it required a number of techniques. Most frustrating – I mean challenging – was programming the pneumatic tailstock to engage after drilling a hole and disengaging it before parting off. Getting the alignment just right between right and left-hand turning tools for the tight contours was also a challenge. A 35 deg. diamond was not narrow enough to reproduce the detail.

Anyway, the final product is below. There are multiple, small segments which thread onĀ  or off to adjust the height. The bottom is engraved using live tooling in the lathe.

Candlesticks using interchangeable parts for adjustable height

Partially disassembled candlesticks







Candlesticks are made for standard taper candles