Day 13 – 4/25/2015

Today we gave our presentation on our hydroponics system to the class.  This went very well we ran into no problems.  We were very excited to see how well our system had done compared to the other systems in the class.  We were also excited to see how much growth and roots that we ended up with.

We got to harvest today after our presentation.  We ended up with two of our cups that we could harvest.  The one cup with the most in it ended up being only one plant!!  The second cup had a couple of smaller plants in it but was still harvestable.  The three cup was still going strong and growing but was still way too small to harvest.  We may have had some troubles with our project but in the end it worked great!!!!!

Day 12 – 4/18/2012

Today we were very happy to find that our system is doing than ever.  We checked the normal things like the pH and the water level.  The water level has become very low sense the last time that we check the system.  We picked up one of the cups and we excited to see that we had roots growing out of the bottom of our two cups.  We have decided that the next class might be a good time to harvest the plants because they are really growing good.  We are going to do some research and look up how we should go about doing this.  We are very excited for next class!!

Day 11- 4/16/2012

When we checked our system today we were happy to see that we had great growth.  Two of our cups are doing very well big leafy greens.  The third cup is still alive and well but it now seems to be over powered and hidden by the two smaller ones.  It is still growing and making process but we don’t believe it will be ready to harvest anytime soon.  After that we did the usual of checking the pH, which was still staying at its normal level, and adding a little bit of water.

Day 10 – 4/9/2012

Today we did what we always do.  We checked the pH and yet again it was still at a good range.  We also add in a little more solution to the plants so that way they don’t dry up.   We are very happy to see that we still have a lot of growth coming from our two strongest plants.  When we picked up the cups to check the water lever we noticed that there are roots growing out of the bottom of these two cups.  We believe that raising our system has had a lot of help on our plants.  The third cup is still alive and hanging in there.  Hopefully it will be able to come back and grow like the others.

Day 9 – 4/04/2012

Today when we checked our plants we were again happy to see that they are growing very healthy.  Cody’s idea of raising the system has really seemed to be a great improvement! Raising it has seemed to give the plants more light, unlike before when we were hidden by the other systems.  We were debating on whether or not the raise it a little bit more but decided not to.  This height seems to be working very well for us.

During some of the research that we did found out that the nutrient solution should be change out for new. We already did the half way mark by just adding more solution to the system.  That means that today was time to dump the old solution out and replace it with all new.  We made sure to test the pH and it was perfect!  Hopefully all goes are way.

Day 8 – 4/02/2012

This day we were happy to see that raising the plants closer to the light seemed to help out alot!  We have one cup that has really strong plants in it, leafy and green.  The cup that seemed to be a lost cause last time and we were certain was going to die seems to be coming back to life.  It is looking a little stronger and turning back to green.  We decides to raise it up the system a little bit more.  Just to see if this well give us any farther improvements. Hopefully all turns around for us!!

Day 7 – 3/28/12

Today we came in and were happy to see one of plants growing very well.  It grew about an inch since Monday.  Our plants are showing more of a green color and are looking healthier.  When I checked the pH, it was about 6.5.  I was happy to see it stayed consistent and did not go up a lot like the past few times it was checked.  We added more nutrient solution directly to the plants and to the system itself to raise the water level.

Ever since our system was first introduced to the lighting, it has been blocked by the green giant placed directly in the middle!  The other systems that are placed more directly under the light are not experiencing shadows from the green giant like ours is.  They are also witnessing better plant growth.  In our first attempt to solve this problem we placed some scrap wood under our system to raise it up and hopefully get more direct light.  Hopefully this works out well for our plants.


Day 6 – 3/26/2012

Today we were sad to see that some of our plants are not doing so well.  Some of them are looking died and other are turning yellow.  We are not really sure why this is happening to the plants.  We have done ever thing that has been ask for like checking the pH, putting in nutrient solution, and lighting.  We even tried routing the cups so that way the air pump would not be directly underneath the plant. After doing that we also decided that we should pull the air pump back so that way it is not under any of the plants. Hopefully this helps us!

Day 5-03/19/2012

Today was our first day back from break, so we were really excited to see how our system did for a week on its own.  We were very happy to see that al the plants were still alive and well!! There was some growth but not too big of a difference in the height but they were finally were tall enough for nutrient solution.  We diffidently needed to add more water to the system. Instead of doing that though we decided to add the nutrient solution to the system so hopefully we see more of an improvement in the plants.


Day 4- 3/07/2012

pH testToday we have to make sure that our system is capable of being left alone for little over a week because we have to go home for spring break.  Some of the things that we wanted to do was check on the pH and make sure that there is enough water in the system to last. We decided to add some more water because we didn’t want it to dry out over break but not to much that it would drown the plants. After we added the water we checked the pH of the water again.  It was agian higher than when we left it, neither of us can figure out why.  So once again Cody added more pH down to get it back to the 7.0 that we are looking for.  Hopefully we can figure out why it keeps raising!